Spring Forward: Drop the Baggage and Leap into the Career (and Life) That’s Waiting for You with Jim Hjort '94

Thu 4/20/2023 • 6PM PDT


If you’ve ended up feeling stuck in your work life—or your whole life—over the past couple of years, or decade, you’re not alone. Sure, we’ve had no shortage of global and domestic crises to distract and disorient us. But other factors are always influencing us in the background.

Conditioning in our early years that served others’ needs more than ours. Living in a society which, in some ways, relies upon our most self-destructive instincts for its functioning. An inherently ambivalent human brain.

Even in the best of times, it’s hard to manage it all in a way that produces sustained well-being and fulfillment, and when we have trouble doing that, sometimes we blame ourselves and feel like our own worst enemy.

Jim Hjort, LCSW '94, an executive and career coach, personal development trainer, licensed psychotherapist, and staff clinician at UCLA’s Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital’s Adult Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient programs, will help you understand how to tap into the clarity and motivation you need to reclaim a life in which you’re allowed to put yourself first, so you can show up at your best for everyone else.

During the session we will learn:
• How the “comparing mind” can stop our progress before we even get started
• Why asserting your needs can feel so unnatural, and how to start feeling like it’s your birthright
• How to depower the negative self-talk that keeps you stuck
• The secret to goal-setting that prevents stalling out, and keeps you feeling happy and motivated
• Research-driven motivation hacks that boost your odds of following through on your objectives—and remaining true to your best self

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