Music of Bali and Music and Dance of Ghana

Sun 6/2/2024 • 4PM PDT

Schoenberg Hall

The Music of Bali Ensemble and Music and Dance of Ghana Ensemble showcase traditional music from these regions on the same stage.

The Music of Bali Ensemble features gamelan (the generic Indonesian word for orchestra) music and dance. The Balinese gamelan gong kebyar is famous for its fast tempos, abrupt changes of texture, and brilliantly costumed dancers who act out stories from the Ramayana.

The Music and Dance of Ghana Ensemble performs the music and dances of several cultures from Ghana’s south, including the Akuapem, Akan, Ga, and Ewe. The course concentrates on the main components of African music: drum patterns, songs, and dances. The ensemble produces complex polyphonic textures on a variety of drums, bells, and rattles to accompany dramatic and entertaining social dances.

Continuing a tradition begun in 1960, the Department of Ethnomusicology draws on its incredible collection of world musical instruments to present its annual Spring Festival of World Music. It's an opportunity for student ensembles to perform and share traditional musics from around the world as they master their instruments.

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