Table Top Shakespeare: Alls Well That Ends Well

Sun 10/4 • 12PM - 2PM PDT

A salt and pepper are the king and queen. A vase is the prince. A matchbox is the servant. A toilet roll tube is the innkeeper. A water bottle, the messenger… Welcome, new and returning Bruins! UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance invites you to join us for Shakespeare like you’ve never seen before. Join us for Forced Entertainment’s: Table Top Shakespeare: At Home featuring Much Ado About Nothing on Sunday, 9/27 at 12:00pm PST and All’s Well That Ends Well on Sunday, 10/4 at 12:00pm PST, both followed by a post-show Q & A LIVE from half-way around the world! Each play is intimately retold by one actor, sitting alone at a table alongside shelves lined with household objects and a collection of everyday products which become the play’s characters. The result is a kind of levelling of the plays—a gently comic re-casting of them via objects from the kitchen cabinet and grocery store shelves—as well as a celebration of their power as stories, and the act of storytelling and theatre itself.

Here is the RSVP link for 10/4, All’s Well That Ends Well:

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