Music of China and Thailand

Sat 5/18/2024 • 7PM PDT

Schoenberg Hall

The Music of China Ensemble and Music of Thailand Ensemble showcase traditional music from these regions on the same stage.

The Music of China Ensemble performs arias from Kun opera of the 15th century, silk-and-bamboo music from the Shanghai area, folk dances for festive celebration, zheng zither music in the Keijia style from Canton Province, music for large percussion ensemble, and modern compositions for an ensemble of traditional Chinese wind and string instruments.

Students in the Music of Thailand Ensemble will learn to perform the distinctive regional music traditions from central, north (Lanna), and northeast (Isaan) Thailand on a diverse range of instruments including mallet percussion, bowed, plucked string instruments, and flutes. Students will be introduced to Thai musical notation, basic rhythmic cycles, singing techniques in the Thai language, and basic dance movements.

Continuing a tradition begun in 1960, the Department of Ethnomusicology draws on its incredible collection of world musical instruments to present its annual Spring Festival of World Music. It's an opportunity for student ensembles to perform and share traditional musics from around the world as they master their instruments.

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