Il Caffe, Enlightened Italy, and the Global Enlightenment

Fri 9/22/2023 • 10AM - Sat 9/23/2023 • 1:15PM PDT

UCLA William Andrews Clark Memorial Library


Born out of an extraordinary confluence of talent in the socio-political context of Habsburg Lombardy, Il Caffe (1764–66) was a short-lived but wide-ranging periodical, which would prove to be one of the most original and influential intellectual products of the Italian Enlightenment. By promoting a collective discussion on Il Caffe and its global impact, this conference aims to showcase the transnational and trans-ideological nature of the eighteenth-century Republic of Letters, to trace the global movement of ideas, and to explore the tensions and exchanges between the centers and peripheries of the Enlightenment.

This conference will bring together scholars across the disciplinary spectrum to engage in a rich dialogue, both bringing attention to local cultural and socio-political contexts, and looking at Il Caffe as an original product of and contribution to the network of multifarious discourses that shaped the global Enlightenment.

The conference is free to attend with advance registration. The full conference schedule and registration form are available on our event website.

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