Radical Publishing in CDMX Speaker Series

Fri 3/12 • 12PM - 1PM PST

Hacking the Quotidien With Mexico's RRD Collective: Creative Experimentation and Transnational Collaborations Around Print Technologies and Public Space

RRD (Red de Reproducción y Distribución / Reproduction and Distribution Network) is an artist collective based in Mexico City that playfully experiments with and remixes traditional print and audiovisual formats and distribution networks to produce and circulate counternarratives intended for a broad public as well as artists and others in publishing/literary realms. The collective will discuss how their projects, publications, and interventions draw upon low tech distribution and printing mechanisms and range from hyperlocal to transnational in scope to address issues such as Covid-19, youth movements and government repression, and information piracy. Their newspaper kiosk in front of the Mexico City metro station Juanacatlán serves as a public meeting space for their different audiences to encounter each other as well as unconventional printed works (such as zines, artist books, subversive comics) and site specific public art. RRD will discuss the interventions at its kiosk, the publications it houses, and how these elements have translated in its collaborations and workshops (on typography, mimeograph, and risograph) with youth and artists in Taipei, Bangkok, and Bogotá.

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