How to Avoid Burnout with Lucy Tseng ’12

Thu 10/13 • 12PM PDT


Remember that time when your gas light came on and you told yourself "I still have a few more miles" then you wound up stranded somewhere? Didn't it take you much longer and maybe caused you to work harder, to get where you needed to go? Versus taking a quick break to fill up your tank?

Join Life & Resilience Coach and UCLA alumna, Lucy Tseng for a session on how to recognize when your "life light" has turned on and learn tips on how to refill your tank. The more you practice keeping your tank filled, the better you get at avoiding burnout.

During the session, you will learn about:

What burnout is and how it can affect you in many ways
Steps to take when approaching and avoiding burnout
Resources to help you maintain productivity and effectiveness
How you can bounce back after experiencing burnout

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