This is Bruin Life

Sun 9/19 • 2PM - 3PM PDT

LA Tennis Center

Digital Event

UCLA’s new undergraduate student welcome event, “This is Bruin Life” features artistic performances and welcome addresses from our Chancellor, student body president, campus leadership, current students and alumni. Each speaker will share with you how they have grown, intervened and worked to create the Bruin Life they want to see—and the world they believe ought to be. Residents in on-campus housing will be assigned a screening time in the outdoor LA Tennis Center on campus. All other students, especially new 2021 and 2020 admits, are encouraged to attend any scheduled screening at 10a, 12p, and 2p on 9/19. To enter the LA Tennis Center, you will need to show your clearance from the daily symptom monitoring survey, swipe your Bruin card, and wear a mask for the entire event. You can also stream the show online.

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