Keywords Series: Dialogue on "Zionism" feat. Prof. Mira Sucharov and Prof. Omar Dajani

Mon 2/26/2024 • 12PM - 1:30PM PST

Royce 314

This first event in the Keywords series will address the concept of “Zionism” from the Israel-Palestinian conflict, featuring Jewish Studies scholar Professor Mira Sucharov and Legal scholar Professor Omar Dajani. Prof. Sucharov and Prof. Dajani have been hosting conversations across difference on college campuses across the country, modeling their airing of difference in exemplary fashion, and providing a rare and valuable example of dialogue across difference in action.

The Dialogue across Difference Initiative seeks to inaugurate a Keywords series, which will feature words or terms of contention across cultural contexts, with the aim of bringing together informed commentators to explain and draw out the various meanings of keywords or terms such that audience participants can understand their different valences.

Commentators brought in will also model to the audience how to approach the same term from different perspectives in a respectful manner. After each session, there will be an opportunity for audience members to debrief with Dialogue across Difference staff.

Open to all interested undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff.

About the Dialogue Across Difference Initiative: The Dialogue across Difference (DaD) initiative aims to model and promote the values of intellectual engagement, curiosity, empathy, active listening, and critical thinking.

For more information please visit the Dialogue Across Difference section of the EVCP priorities webpage here:

For more information about Professor Mira Sucharov and her work visit:

Form more information about Professor Omar Dajani and his work visit:

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