Bruin Professionals Encino Chapter Meeting

Tue 6/28 • 7:30AM - 9AM PDT


Join us for our monthly chapter meeting!

Professional networking is weird. Whether it’s a formal networking event (think: name tags and timed conversations with strangers) or “grabbing coffee” with a loose acquaintance, it’s almost always awkward, and it often leads to dead ends.

That’s where Forum comes in. Forum is the most efficient way to build your professional network, all from your smartphone.

First, users tell us about their professional backgrounds and the types of connections they are seeking. Then, Forum’s proprietary algorithm goes to work, using sophisticated data analysis to tailor connections based on users’ specific preferences, needs, and experiences. Each day users receive suggested profiles, and, like a dating app, they can review them before deciding whether or not to connect. The mutual approval process ensures users only connect with people they actually want to meet. Once you’ve connected, let the meaningful conversations start flowing!

Ultimately, Forum connects users with hyper-targeted recommendations to help them build strong, meaningful and useful professional networks.

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