Lifetime Guarantee: Phrancs Adventure in Plastic / Shinjuku Boys

Fri 8/25/2023 • 7:30PM PDT

Billy Wilder Theater

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Lifetime Guarantee: Phranc’s Adventure in Plastic
U.S. 2001

Virtually unseen for the past 20 years, this heartwarming documentary about legendary Jewish butch lesbian folk singer Phranc is an irresistible portrait of a gender non-conforming hero navigating a world of Southern California straight lady homemakers while working her way to the top as a Tupperware salesperson. The film earned acclaim and awards on the film festival circuit, including Audience Awards at Outfest and SXSW and a rave review in Varietydescribing Phranc as a “1950s sitcom-dad-styled androgyne hawking kitchenware to housewives.”

Digital video, color, 58 min. Director: Lisa Udelson.

Shinjuku Boys
U.K., 1995

An amazing mid-1990s snapshot of AFAB (assigned female at birth) gender identity in Japan. Tatsu, Gaish and Kazuki pass as men and work as hosts at Tokyo’s New Marilyn Club, a nightspot where straight women spend time with the charming onabe (an expansive term that can encompass both butch lesbians and trans men). Tatsu is a trans man who lives with his girlfriend, Tomoe. Gaish is a tough-talking “in-between” heartbreaker with a string of girlfriends. And Kazuki lives with Kumi, a trans woman nightclub dancer. The suave trio speak frankly to the camera about sex, queerness, trans identity and masculinity.

Digital video, color, 53 min. Director: Kim Longinotto, Jano Williams.

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