Learn about Composting & the Jane B. Semel Health Campus Initiative Community Garden!

Wed 9/20/2023 • 2:30PM - 4PM PDT

Semel Health Campus Initiative Community Garden

Interested in an interactive approach to environmental wellness? This hand-on activity will teach participants to decipher what items are compostable. A miniature vermicomposting (worm composting) bin from the jane b semel HCI Community Garden will also be displayed for participants to see composting in action! Overall, this workshop will teach participants about the various parts of the municipal waste stream and how consumer choices contribute to the health of our environment, an important aspect the Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center and the community garden. Finally participants will learn more about gardening and have a chance to sign up for a plot at the community garden, where they can learn to grow their own food while living, working, and studying at UCLA!

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