Downtown Los Angeles Forum: Transforming Transportation

Thu 3/21/2024 • 9:31AM - 5:30PM PDT

California Endowment, 1000 N. Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

Recent UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies activities have explored the dynamics between yearning for change within the transportation system and the challenges posed by unwillingness or inability to implement necessary changes. Launched in January 2023, TRACtion is a collaborative effort between community-based advocates and UCLA researchers, aiming to craft a comprehensive agenda that tackles barriers to achieving sustainable and just transportation in Los Angeles. Also last year, the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium discussed many of the same themes.

Join professionals, researchers, community activists, and students at UCLA ITS’ first downtown symposium since 2019! This in-person event will focus on an exciting release of the TRACton: Transforming Transportation report at The California Endowment. Speakers will discuss in-depth themes from the report and the 2023 UCLA Arrowhead Symposium, including:

Internal Capacity of Government Agencies
Inter-Agency Coordination
Pilot Projects for Learning and Demonstration
Reconsidering the Status Quo
Managing Multiple People in the Public Sector
Visioning and Planning
Inclusion and Diversity
Public Engagement

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