My Grandfather's Altar

Mon 5/6/2024 • 4PM - 6PM PDT

Royce 314

Richard Moves Camp, in conversation with the editor and producer of his book My Grandfather’s Altar: Five Generations of Lakota Holy Men, shares stories from this oral-literary narrative account of five generations of Lakota religious tradition. Moves Camp is the great-great-grandson of Wóptu?’a (“Chips”), the holy man remembered for providing Crazy Horse with war medicines of power and protection. The Lakota remember the descendants of Wóptu?’a for their roles in preserving Lakota ceremonial traditions during the official prohibition period (1883–1934), when the U.S. Indian Religious Crimes Code outlawed Indian religious ceremonies with the threat of imprisonment.

Wóptu?’a, his two sons, James Moves Camp and Charles Horn Chips, his grandson Sam Moves Camp, and his great-great-grandson Richard Moves Camp all became well-respected Lakota spiritual leaders. My Grandfather’s Altar offers the rare opportunity to learn firsthand how one family’s descendants played a pivotal role in revitalizing Lakota religion in the twentieth century.

Richard Moves Camp (Oglala Lakota) is a fifth-generation Lakota healer, tribal historian, and spiritual leader. He teaches at Sinte Gleska University and lectures on Lakota history, culture and traditions. In 2021, he was named a Luce Indigenous Knowledge Fellow.

Moderated by Jennifer Jessum, book producer and founder of the Mitakuye Foundation and Simon Joseph, book editor and Lecturer for UCLA’s Study of Religion IDP.

Co-sponsored by the UCLA American Indian Studies Department, Steve Aron/Autry Museum of the American West, the UCLA American Indian Studies Center and the Mitakuye Foundation.

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