The WOW Factor: How to Choose the Right Pre-Med Activities for You

Tue 5/25 • 4PM - 5PM PDT

Digital Event

The “Wow” Factor: How to Choose the Right Pre-Health Activities for You
Speaker: Rob Humbracht
Every pre-health student has the same 24 hours in a day, but some end up with resumes that impress, while others fall short. The answer is not just sleep deprivation; it’s about picking activities that highlight your strengths, develop you into a healthcare professional, and get you in. In this interactive workshop you will learn:
1) What medical schools look for when evaluating a student’s resume - both the obvious and not-so-obvious factors
2) The one extra-curricular skill that separates a good applicant from GREAT applicant
3) How to create a project to make admissions officers say, “Wow!”

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