Breaking Bad Habits with Sami Toussi '11

Wed 9/28 • 12PM PDT


Do you find yourself saying things like, “Starting tomorrow….” or setting a goal in the morning only to find yourself diving into the chip bowl? Whether it’s overusing your phone, staying up late, binge eating, smoking, or others… you don’t have to navigate breaking bad habits alone.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

Create effective habit busting techniques
Master connecting new habits to your usual routine
Discover how starting small leads to long term gain
Create strategies to maintain healthy boundaries

Facilitated by Board Certified Career Coach Sami Toussi '11, join fellow peers to learn about the science of getting rid of bad habits and making positive changes that will stick. Breaking Bad Habits for Good focuses on cutting negative behavioral patterns and implementing positive ones to align with your short and long-term life goals.

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