Sex Week: Ashe Center Free STI Testing (GC) 4/24-5/5/23

Mon 4/24/2023 • 8AM - Fri 4/28/2023 • 5PM PDT

Ashe Center 2nd Floor

UCLA Sex Week: Ashe Center STI Testing Event Test type: Gonorrhea/Chlamydia (Screening only) Dates: April 24, 2023 - May 5, 2023 Time: 8am-12pm (Mon-Thurs) 9am-12pm (Fri) Walk-ins Only (No Prescheduling or Pre-ordering) Location: Ashe Center 2nd Floor Entrance (Cubicle) Students can check in at the iPad kiosk set up outside the 2nd floor cubicle (across from Campus Smiles Dental) for a walk-in free STI screening appointment. A member of clinic support stationed at the 2nd floor cubicle will print a PNC appointment label and place it on a urine cup and hand it to the patient. The patient will collect the specimen in the restroom and return it to the clinic support staff at the cubicle. If non-SHIP patients have GC/CT urine screening tests ordered through the Portal or elsewhere in the clinic during this two-week period, the cost of those tests will be $0 as long as they are collected by May 5th. Note: STI screening tests are always $0 for patients with UCSHIP. If patients arrive after 12pm for walk-in testing, they will be directed to return the next day to participate in this program. Our thanks to UCLA SHAC, Sexual Health Coalition, SWC's Planned Parenthood chapter, and USAC for its generous funding of this annual program.

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