Chi Alpha Delta Rush 2020: Find Your Wings with Chis // ASK CHIS

Wed 9/30 • 1PM - 2PM PDT


Hello Bruins! ?
The sisters of Chi Alpha Delta formally invite you to our Virtual Rush Week 2020: Find Your Wings With Chis. Come celebrate our 92nd year of sisterhood with fun games and awesome prizes!
There is no better way to start off the school year than to come have fun and make new friends at Chi Alpha Delta Rush. All events are FREE and VIRTUAL.
Established in 1929, Chi Alpha Delta is the FIRST and OLDEST Asian-American interest sorority in the nation, and with that comes much history and many deep roots. The sorority is more than just a club, it is a sisterhood through which lasting memories and lifelong friends are made.
We would love to share our memories of the unforgettable friendships, love, and sisterhood that Chis has given us and can offer you!

ASK CHIS ? Halo Again!
Join us and say HALO AGAIN! Find out more about
what Chis is all about as we answer all of your questions!

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