Working Across Difference: Skills for Constructive Engagement in a Polarized Time

Fri 2/9/2024 • 12PM - 2PM PST

LATC Straus Clubhouse

Lunchtime talk & workshop will feature a short lecture about the nature of polarization, why polarization is so difficult, how it functions in a campus context. Hands-on skill building activities related to understanding cognitive bias, stereotypes, emotional intelligence will also be incorporated. Dr. Norm Spaulding, Professor of Law at Stanford University and Director of the ePluribus initiative will share his thoughts and insights about how to advance dialogue across difference as institutional culture change.

Open to all undergraduate and graduate students and interested faculty. Maximum capacity 60.

About the Dialogue Across Difference Initiative: The Dialogue across Difference initiative aims to model and promote the values of intellectual engagement, curiosity, empathy, active listening, and critical thinking.

For more information visit the Dialogue Across Difference section of the EVCP priorities webpage here:

For more information about Stanford Law School’s ePluribus initiative:

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Dialogue Across Difference