Career Week 2024: Building Careers in the Blocks of AI

Tue 4/9/2024 • 5PM - 6:30PM PDT

Room 200, 2nd Floor Strathmore Building

Join us as we delve into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on career paths across various industries. This event offers invaluable insights into how AI is being utilized within different industries, how you can use AI to optimize your job search, and current openings for those interested in pursuing AI-driven careers. We will cover the following during the event:

1) AI Fundamentals
2) AI Tools for Optimizing your Job Search and Improving your Candidacy
3) How AI is Shifting the Labor Market
4) Employer Networking - Opportunity for attendees to connect with potential employers, ask questions, and exchange contact information. Informal discussions on job opportunities, internships, and career paths within participating organizations.

Employer Participants: Opal AI, Oxen AI, Easel Apps, Miso Robotics

Unlock the potential of AI as we explore its impact on traditional industries, emerging sectors, and the job market of tomorrow. Engage with industry leaders and career mentors who will share their firsthand experiences, expertise, and practical advice on navigating the evolving AI ecosystem.

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