Chem & Biochem: Physical Sciences New Student Welcome

Fri 9/25 • 11AM - 12PM PDT

The UCLA Dean of Physical Sciences invites freshmen and first-year transfer students to a series of events just for you!

These events are geared toward new students interested in a Physical Sciences major or minor, including biochemistry; chemistry; chemistry-materials science; math; applied math; math-economics; statistics; physics; astrophysics; biophysics; atmospheric, oceanic, and environmental science; climate science; geology; geology-engineering geology; geophysics; and earth and environmental science.

A series of intimate, get-to-know-you events connecting new students to their Physical Sciences community through casual, candid discussions with Physical Sciences alumni, faculty, and current undergraduates.
September 17-October 1
Dates, times, and RSVP details to be posted beginning September 1 at

Breakout rooms will offer you the chance to ask specific questions regarding your intended major; conducting research as an undergraduate; getting to know your professors; and being a transfer, first gen, or international student.

Students who attend will have the opportunity to enter into a raffle for a special event with Dean Miguel Garc?a-Garibay!

QUESTIONS? email Lisa Garibay, public relations manager for Physical Sciences, at

See you there!

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