Your Moment of Truth: Finding Clarity in Your Career (and Life) in Uncertain Times with Jim Hjort ’94

Thu 3/21/2024 • 6PM PDT

Live via Zoom

Whether you’re facing an unexpected career disruption, contemplating making a change, or just feeling a touch stagnant or uninspired, this session is for you. Jim Hjort, an executive and career coach, will give you the knowledge and tools you need to respond to vocational stress in a way that promotes not only your long-term career growth and satisfaction, but your movement along the path to self-actualization.

In this session you will learn how to:

Understand your career as a crucial contributor to your happiness as a person
Make wise choices even in the midst of anxiety and uncertainty
Identify and depower the powerful, and often false, thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck
Use tools based in psychology and motivational science, so you can make real, consistent, progress toward your career and life goals

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