MCAT Escape Room: Blueprint (In-Person)

Thu 2/29/2024 • 12PM - 1PM PST

Career Center Room 200, Strathmore Building

Are you ready to test your skills in Blueprint’s MCAT Escape Room?
Come join us to learn while having fun! You will have an hour to solve the brain-teasing MCAT mystery quiz. Crack the code and unlock fun prizes! Think you can escape the room? Join us to find out! 1st place will win a 6-month self-paced Blueprint MCAT course, 2nd place will win a Blueprint 10 Exam Bundle, and 3rd place will win an UberEats gift card!
We'll also have food and discount codes for everyone who attends.

For pre-med/pre-health students, we have additional resources that can help explore medicine or other healthcare professions:

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