Your Grad Life Panel

Thu 9/21/2023 • 2PM - 3:30PM PDT

Wilson Plaza

Are you ready to launch your graduate journey with confidence? Join us for an enlightening panel discussion titled "Your Grad Life", where you'll have the invaluable opportunity to hear directly from current graduate students at UCLA. In this engaging session, our experienced graduate student panelists will share their stories, experiences, and game-changing advice that they've acquired during their time at UCLA. They've walked the path you're about to take, and they're here to help you navigate it smoothly. Discover the hacks, tips, and insights that these seasoned graduate students have gathered along the way. Learn how to conquer challenges, maximize opportunities, and create a solid foundation for a successful graduate career right from the start. Get ready to gain access to insider strategies that go beyond textbooks. From time management and research tips to networking and work-life balance, our panelists will equip you with tools to excel in every facet of your grad life. Don't miss out on this golden chance to learn from those who have mastered the art of graduate life. The "Your Grad Life" panel promises to set you on the right track, empowering you to thrive and make the most of your time at UCLA.

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