MCAT Practice Test: Princeton Review FREE ONLINE

Sat 6/1/2024 • 9AM - 5PM PDT

Digital Event

Princeton Review will provide a FREE/ONLINE MCAT Practice test. REGISTER HERE:

NOTE: Because this is a virtual event, you may access the test at any time. The practice test will live in your student dashboard for 3 months before it expires.

We want to make sure you know exactly how to access your test. To take the full-length practice test, you will want to log in to your Online Student Portal. To do this please follow the instructions below:
1. Go to
2. Click “Sign In” the upper right-hand corner. Enter email address.
3. Enter your password.
a. If you have participated in a practice test before, you may have to create a new account using a different email address and sign up for a practice test through the free events page ( All of our free practice tests are the same version. More versions of our practice tests are available with our test prep courses.
4. Once signed in you will be directed to the “Test Prep Student Tools” page. This is identifiable by the large “HI (your name)!”.
5. Click on the “Open” on the Free Practice Test for the appropriate test type.
6. Click "Target Scores" on the right side of the screen to set your score goals (optional).
7. Click “Launch Practice Test”.
8. Choose timing option for the test.
9. “TIMED” will simulate standard time and a more realistic score.
10. Click “Start Exam”

Once you’ve completed your practice test, you will receive a detailed score report with full answers and explanations.

Good Luck!

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