UCLA Center for Middle East Development: Iran, What Next as the Revolution Continues

Mon 11/28 • 10AM PST


Iran’s so called fourth revolution, led by the nation’s women and young girls, continues to thrive since Mahsa Amini’s death on September 16, 2022. Despite internet shut-downs, people have managed to leak hundreds of videos and pictures, demonstrating both the courage of a people desperate for change and the cowardice of a regime which continues to brutalize, arrest, rape, and murder its citizens, some of whom are children, simply for protesting for their basic human rights.

In comparison to the weight of the crisis, media outlets remain largely absent from the storytelling landscape. However, the world has watched the footage on social media platforms, almost in real time. Some world leaders have been vocal about their disdain for the regime’s handling of the protests, showing solidarity and support for the people. A few have called for sanctions on members of security forces and the like. But again, the response and action from the international community has been strikingly quiet.

Why haven’t world leaders and media been more vocal about the heinous violations of human rights occurring on the ground? Are national leaders hesitant to become engaged because of fear of the Iranian government, because of an inability to develop effective methods without a war, because they are overwhelmed with other issues, or because they are just not interested? What actions have actually been considered by outside governments? Should leaders of the world take any action against the Islamic Republic? And if so, is it possible to do without stoking conflict with a volatile government? Should the nuclear deal be reconsidered or abandoned completely? Is regime change possible, and if so, how? Our panel of experts will investigate these questions with CMED’s Director, Professor Steven Spiegel.

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