How to Thrive in the Sciences at UCLA and Beyond: Welcoming new students to the Physical Sciences

Wed 9/22 • 2:30PM - 4:30PM PDT

De Neve Auditorium & Plaza Room

Starting a new phase of your life in an unfamiliar environment can be stressful in even the best of times, but especially during a time like this.The UCLA Division of Physical Sciences wants you to know that we provide a supportive, welcoming community with resources and people ready to help you succeed.

Dean of Physical Sciences Miguel García-Garibay invites you to join him at How to Thrive in the Sciences at UCLA and Beyond, a getting-to-know-you event connecting you to your new Physical Sciences community through casual, candid discussions with Physical Sciences alumni, faculty, and current undergraduates.

Join us if you’re interested in any of the following majors or areas of research: atmospheric and oceanic science | atmospheric and oceanic Sciences-Mathematics | climate sciences (Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences) | biochemistry | chemistry | chemistry-materials science
(Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry)geology | geology-engineering geology | geophysics (Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences) | math | applied math | math-economics | data theory (Department of Mathematics) | physics | astronomy and astrophysics | biophysics
(Department of Physics & Astronomy) | statistics | data theory
(Department of Statistics) | environmental science
(Institute of the Environment and Sustainability)

Meet professors you’re most likely to learn from during your first year
Talk with older undergraduates who were in your shoes not long ago about their experiences with research, classes, and student life. Make connections with alumni who’ve gone on to a wide variety of careers thanks to their undergraduate degree in the Physical Sciences. Most of all, cultivate new friendships with fellow new students!

Students who attend will have the opportunity to enter into a raffle for a special gift from Dean Miguel García-Garibay. We can’t wait to meet you!

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