Treat Yourself Monday - Original Value

Mon 11/2 • 7PM - 8PM PST


This week we'll go over how to discover and feel our original value. We'll share how we can only see/feel our true value through God's perspective and how external aspects (i.e. our physical looks, jobs, wealth, authority) will never completely satisfy us. In the end, we hope that you'll be able to see yourself and others through God's eyes by developing a relationship centered on Him.

he purpose of CARP at UCLA is to generate a spirit of compassion, involvement, and determination in the young people of the world today, by revitalizing their relationship with God.

If you join CARP at UCLA, you will find out the answer to these fundamental questions:

1) What is the cause of human suffering?
2) Is there a spiritual world?
3) How can we create a better world?
4) Where does evil come from?
5) Why does history repeat itself?
6) Does God exist?
7) How can we create true relationships?
8) What is the purpose of life?

Please join us for our weekly Zoom meetings to find out!

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Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles at UCLA