Inside Red China / Committee On Un-American Activities

Sun 12/11/2022 • 7PM - 8:30PM PST

Billy Wilder Theater at the Hammer Museum

filmmaker Robert Carl Cohen.

Inside Red China
U.S., 1957

While an observer at the Sixth World Youth Festival in Moscow in 1957, Cohen was hired by NBC-TV to report on a group of American students who had made arrangements to tour China in defiance of the U.S. government's travel ban. Taking the assignment, Cohen became the first U.S. journalist to film in China since the Communist victory there in 1949. The result is a still fascinating travelogue of a country undergoing seismic changes in every aspect of life.

Digital video, b&w, 45 min. Director: Robert Carl Cohen.

Committee On Un-American Activities
U.S., 1962

By 1962, the House Committee Investigating Un-American Activities had been riding roughshod over American politics and culture for almost three decades, devastating the lives of countless individual citizens in its paranoid hunt for subversion. In this first of its kind activist documentary, Robert Carl Cohen takes the Committee to task through a critical history of its founding and its corrosive effects on American public life culminating in an incisive take down of a government-funded propaganda film about student protests in San Francisco.

Digital video, b&w, 45 min. Director: Robert Carl Cohen.

Part of:
Radical Films: A Weekend with Robert Carl Cohen

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