Stronger Things, Ep. 2: Discover Your Superpowers to Find a Career You Love

Tue 2/22 • 3PM - 5PM PST

Digital Event

It doesn’t take telekinetic powers to know yourself! In a world turned Upside Down in the past two years, more people than ever are taking time to self-assess and reflect to better understand themselves. Join us in this two-part series where we’ll explore your personality, values, interests, and skills through a variety of assessments. By the end of this series, you will walk away from our lab with knowledge of yourself and your superstrengths and be ready to harness them to create a brighter future. Be sure to register for both parts!

In Episode 2 of this series, we'll build on what we learned in the previous week about your personality and values and tread deeper into the Upside Down to learn about the interests and skills you hold lying beneath the surface and how they map to careers that you may love!

Please note that the completion of several assessments prior to the event start date is required to participate. You will receive an e-mail at least one week prior with additional details and instructions.

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