Making Impactful Decisions Through Career Exploration Part 2: Personality and Skills

Mon 2/26/2024 • 3PM - 5PM PST

Career Center, Conference Room B (Strathmore Building)

Part 2: Are you unsure of what career options you have that match your Skills and Personality? Are you wondering what career options you have available but unsure of the market trends and how to achieve your particular career goals? Then don't miss this very informative workshop that can help you with your career development in setting goals and learning more about the world of work and your career options. In this two part workshop, you'll take the assessments prior to the workshop and engage in activities that will help you learn what careers utilize the skills you enjoy using and what careers match your personality style. Learning about ideal careers also optimize your chances of finding a more fulfilling career. Coming to both sessions will optimize your chances of learning more about yourself and the world of work.

IMPORTANT: This is a LIMITED attendance workshop so please only register if you are committed to filling out the assessments AND ATTENDING IN person during the workshop. If you are not sure you can do BOTH of these things, you won't get the most out of the workshop and take someone else's chance to do so. Attendance and the assessments are REQUIRED components of these workshops.

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