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Our club meetings provide a space for open dialogue between students, discussing ways Buddhism can explain the challenges of daily life. Students can learn about a humanistic philosophy that encourages self-empowerment and social leadership. Each week, we discuss a different theme pertaining to daily life problems. We also discuss Soka education, a form of humanistic education that was proposed by educators of the nineteenth century. In our discussions, we integrate the writings of both Buddhist authors and generally-known ones like Thoreau, Hugo, and Dumas. After our meetings, our members and guests always take home the following: 1. A support group for students to turn to for both the struggles and joys of life. 2. An understanding of how their obstacles can be seen in the Buddhist perspective – realizing that obstacles are actually cultivating our personality and strengthening our character. You can find us on Facebook and learn more at

Signatories: Leah Briscoe, Khyla Horton, and Ha Vu

Advisor: Jake Gildea

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