Mental Health Initiative

Approximately 5.4% of the US population suffers from severe mental illness, a broad category of disorders ranging from depression to ADHD. In the Los Angeles County, minorities make up the biggest portion of the population affected by depression, and many more remain undiagnosed due to cultural stigma. Mental Health Initiative seeks to remove this stigma and offer support to at-risk populations through education, community service, and licensed provider referrals. Unlike other organizations that focus on campus events, we go directly to high schools, community colleges, libraries, nursing homes, and health fairs to educate the public about mental wellness. We provide workshops for members who seek to improve their own mental health. We also make connections with UCLA psychologists to extend counseling to underserved communities. In doing so, we aim to promote wellness throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Mental health should not be second to physical health. Take the initiative for mental health awareness by joining Mental Health Initiative.

Signatories: Samantha McNeill, Monica Chen, and Abigail Hagen

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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