The Healthcare Improvement & iNnovation in Quality (THINQ) Collaborative

The Department of Medicine is thrilled to continue its commitment to enhancing quality of care delivery at UCLA Health with the THINQ Fellowship. THINQ is a unique collaborative in health care innovation and quality. THINQ is currently recruiting for enthusiastic and dedicated Fellows with a passion to shape the future of health care. Fellows will have the opportunity to participate and lead innovative initiatives within the Department of Medicine. This includes working with faculty, trainees, staff and patients. The program gives students clinical experience, patient interaction and also hosts collaborative sessions called THINQ tanks, where students can come together and brainstorm intervention ideas. During this experience, Fellows will receive training in quality improvement, lean methodology and business management, and learn tools that you can apply for the rest of your life. THINQ brings together students from all walks of life such as Economics, Political Science, Statistics and Engineering to learn and collaborate with each other in order to come up with new effective ways to reform health care. It gives an interdisciplinary platform from which to work from and ameliorate health care strategies.

Signatories: Abhinav Kareddy, Dhwani Krishnan, and Chidinma Ikonte

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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