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We are Tapestry LA Church. God is weaving a beautiful picture with the many different threads that make up history and our individual lives. The Old Testament may have seen the knotted ends and frayed edges of what God is doing, but we see through the New Testament a beautiful picture of Christ’s sacrifice. At times, our personal lives seem messy and incomprehensible, but God is at work completing the good work he has begun in us. Often we see a broken and an ineffective church, but God sees his beautiful bride preparing herself for her Wedding Day. Then we see our city, segmented and divided, but God sees His City, His people, coming to worship at the feet of Jesus. That is what we see in Tapestry LA. The world may often see the back of the tapestry, but we see in faith, the front side of that tapestry, where God is at work in history, in our lives, in our church and in our city. We want to be threads, different, vibrant, beautiful, strong threads for the entire world to see how beautiful our God is! What an exciting thing to be a part of! The Tapestry LA College Ministry is committed to glorifying God through investing into collegians so that they would grow to be disciples of Christ. We do this through Gospel-Centered and Spirit-Empowered mission, growth, and community.


Signatories: Michelle Chon, Catherine Kim, and Ellis Kim

Advisor: Markell Clyde Johnson

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