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The Health Guardians of America club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded at UC Berkeley in 2011, and has been expanding ever since with currently 15+ chapters nationwide. The UCLA chapter was founded last year in 2016 and it focuses on promoting the long-term benefits of routine fitness and good nutrition. Our club’s main mission is to work on reducing the current widespread epidemic of chronic diseases, such as obesity and cardiovascular disease, through prevention and educational programs. These two main programs are: 1) FitlifeFlow program and 2) Health Project. The FitlifeFlow program recruits undergraduate students to pledge to participate in a 5-week exercise program, exercising three days a week for thirty minutes each time. A few scientific research studies have been published describing the outcomes of these incentivized exercise programs, showing that there is a long-term success rate of increasing one’s overall commitment to routine exercise. The Health Project, the other program, will be an education-focused program, as we will travel to local schools and educate young students on the long-term health benefits of exercise and nutrition. We will aim to make these educational presentations fun and engaging, so that the kids are able to absorb some important facts in regards to health and nutrition. The Health Guardians of America club will aim to educate the public, and especially at-risk youth, about the nationwide obesity epidemic that leads to chronic heart disease, diabetes, and other preventable diseases. Our goal is to empower the public on the steps they can take to reverse the development of these chronic diseases and to instead live a high quality life due to a healthy diet and routine exercise.

Signatories: Olivia Restifo, Shivesh Shourya, and Niveda Balemurughan

Advisor: Jonathon Taylor Jones

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