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Our services to international students, especially Chinese students, include three main parts. First, we create and promote mental health surveys in order to collect students' needs of psychological counseling resources. Second, we publicize articles on social media platforms to educate students about common mental health issues experienced by college students, and to reduce their stigma toward seeking psychological help. Third, we actively reach out to UCLA organizations such as CAPS, Dashew Center, and other student groups to raise UCLA community's awareness of international students' mental health issues. We hope to make UCLA a better studying and living place by providing international students with adequate psychological counseling services on campus. We also hope to reduce some culture's hostile and apprehensive attitudes toward mental health issues by introducing the tolerant and inclusive American value to international students.

Signatories: David He, Ellie Zhang, and Yutong Feng

Advisor: Melissa L Veluz-Abraham

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