All Things Skin and Health

All Things Skin and Health will serve as a hub for all things interconnected by food and skin, centralizing upon the role skin plays in our day-to-day life. Members will be to able to observe and analyze how foods impact both the internal and external processes of the mind and body. Members will be able to distinguish between the roles which hormones, genetics, stressors, and nutrition have on skin. By understanding which food groups increase inflammatory responses and such, members can dismiss factors which trigger acneic skin and in doing so, can help eliminate the root cause of inflammation in skin. By experimenting with different food groups, members will evaluate the state of their skin and its progression while adding on and/or eliminating certain foods from their diet. Workshops will be hosted in which members will learn the basic, rudimentary workings of the skin from dermatologists themselves, along with lesson plans on nutrition. By fostering a community with such newfound knowledge, members of All Things Skin and Health will be encouraged and tasked to volunteer their time and resources to members from low-income, underrepresented communities who do not obtain the financial abilities to seek out dermatologists. Consciousness of mental health awareness among our peers will be strongly exercised due to the impact different skin conditions have on one’s mental and emotional health. Members will aid to cease the social stigma surrounding acne and other skin conditions, while helping to eliminate the existing negative attitudes and perceptions individuals hold themselves.

Signatories: Flora Abgaryan, Erika Hookasian, and Mari Jrbashyan

Advisor: Aaron Joshua Alba Tacub

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