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The Los Angeles Mentorship Program (LAMP) at UCLA is dedicated to providing mentorship, tutoring and resources to empower under-served high school students in the Los Angeles area and promote their academic growth. A long-term mentorship program is established yearly between organization members and students of the school site(s) that LAMP serves; mentors and mentees are paired based on shared career aspirations and or hobbies. Mentors are asked to provide advice for their mentee(s) and direct their mentee(s) to appropriate resources. Subject tutoring is provided weekly by organization members. SAT/ACT tutoring is also provided through a preparatory course organized by LAMP. Supplemental material that can further aid students will be made available through the LAMP website (lamp.rssla.org). To provide students with information about the college experience, the college application process, and diverse career paths, LAMP holds quarterly workshops at school site(s).


Signatories: Mizna Akbar, Sandhya Rajkumar, and Shanaya Sidhu

Advisor: Ashley Pham

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