Cancer Prevention Project (CPP)

Despite the drastic advances in medicine in recent decades, cancer incidence continues to rise globally, such that cancer burden is predicted to increase to 29.4 million cases worldwide by 2040. This disease has devastating impacts on patients and their families, and thus, efforts should be taken to decrease its incidence among the population. A significant number of cancer cases can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle, as environmental factors play an influential role in mutating genes and activating cancerous cells. Considering the current concerns regarding this disease, our organization aims to increase awareness about different cancers and their prevention methods. By doing so, we hope to ultimately decrease the number of new cancer cases each year. 1- Since drug and alcohol abuse, and obesity are linked to cancer, CPP conducts information sessions, activities and events to promote a healthy lifestyle—both at UCLA and at local highschools. 2- As a prevention method for skin cancer, sun-safety sessions shall be conducted to emphasize the importance of sunscreen. 3- General meetings shall host panels with physicians to increase cancer awareness. 4- Cancer-related careers shall be discussed in general meetings, in multiple fields. 5- General meetings can host cancer researchers to inform club members about the recent advances in cancer treatment and prevention 6- Fundraiser events shall be organized to raise money for cancer research and treatment, collaborating with well-known charities. 7- Most importantly, CPP aims to increase awareness about Human Papillomavirus (HPV) not only in the UCLA community but also in the greater Los Angeles area. The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is currently a great concern of the medical society as it can develop into various health problems such as genital warts and different cancers. In fact, HPV is the leading cause of cervical cancer among the general population. Fortunately, there are methods to prevent HPV such as becoming vaccinated, being screened, and practicing safer sexual relationships. Despite being a vulnerable target for HPV—the most common sexually transmitted infection—a significant number of college students are unaware of this disease and its prevention methods. We hope that by explaining the complications associated with HPV we can increase the rate of vaccination in our community and thus, decrease the prevalence of cervical cancer.

Signatories: Golbarg Rahimi, Rana Yakhshi Tafti, and Mahdi Rafati

Advisor: Ashley Pham

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