Radiation Oncology Interest Group

Radiation Oncology Interest Group (ROIG) is a student group dedicated to educating and elucidating medical students on the multidisciplinary field of radiation oncology. It is a common misconception that radiation oncology is related to radiology; radiation oncology entails using radiation to treat rather than detect disease. Furthermore, despite being one of the three primary ways to combat cancers, radiation oncology is often aggregated with other oncology fields and remains somewhat vaguely defined, with lack of proper exposure despite being a very competitive, valuable, and critical medical field. ROIG will be the first in its kind to provide students a clearcut avenue to explore the field, learn the full-extent of what exactly radiation oncologists can accomplish in their careers, and connect with mentors in radiation oncology early on in order to gain both clinical and research experience.


Signatories: Kirsten Wong, Eric Lin, and Tommy Jiang

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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