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We're a community of STEM majors that writes news blogs for a STEM-based audience. Our purpose is to raise awareness about the advancements in STEM in order to empower scientists, technology specialists, engineers, and mathematicians to be more informed, confident, and innovative in their field. Writing for a STEM-based audience requires reviewing the primary literature supporting the news articles, critically understanding the novel discoveries, and articulating the details within a written and/or video format. The articulated details must be enlightening for people within the respective field, as opposed to a general overview for a general audience. We aspire to capitalize on remote learning by making STEMNewsNexus the largest online STEM community at UCLA. 670/4997 characters Bloggers are required to write only 1 article per quarter, art/web developers can unleash their creativity by making blog post thumbnails, and social media managers can develop their online networking skills on various platforms. Various members will gain additional leadership experience by training new members during the academic year. recruiting members all year because we'd like STEMNewsNexus to become the largest STEM community at UCLA We also make primary literature accessible for our readers. We'd like to give back to the STEM community by fundraising for exclusive articles that cannot be accessed on a UC proxy server. We'd like to also give back to the STEM community by having a section entirely dedicated to covid-19. Our covid-19 news will be substantive from other forms of science news in order to accomodate the mental health of our readers who'd provide to read unrelat

Signatories: Nina Gilshteyn, Flora Yee, and Amanda Sirisoma

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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