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The Syrian American Association of Science and Health (SAASH) aims to address the unique healthcare challenges faced by the Syrian American community through mentorship, innovation, and community service. We believe that high quality healthcare for Syrian Americans is best delivered by healthcare providers from our community, for our community. While medical knowledge and experience is necessary to be an effective healthcare provider, cultural competency is essential to providing excellent comprehensive healthcare. We have years of experience mentoring pre-med and pre-health undergraduates and through mentorship we hope to increase the interest and advancement of Syrian American scholars in the healthcare field. We hope this results in an increase in the number of Syrian American healthcare providers in the future. As our organization grows, the number of mentors will increase and therefore provide a valuable source of wisdom for the next generation of scholars in our community. We must first identify our healthcare obstacles in order to overcome them. There are currently no studies in the scientific literature exploring the healthcare needs of our community. Considering that evidence based medicine has become a gold standard in practicing healthcare in the United States, our community’s presence in scientific peer reviewed research studies is critical in establishing a foundation for our healthcare and health education. We aim to develop research studies that will pioneer the field of Syrian American healthcare and health education. In the process, we will equip rising Syrian American scholars with the skills necessary to continue driving innovation in our community. Our organization’s highest priority is improving health outcomes and quality of life in our community. Innovation and effective mentoring will produce motivated scholars who are equipped with the skills necessary to make a meaningful impact. We will enact programs and workshops designed to combat common health problems facing our community. All information presented will be carefully and accurately extracted from current scientific literature. Results from our research studies will also be utilized to better tailor the delivery of content to ensure we have a comprehensive and culturally competent health education curriculum.

Signatories: Isabel Nakoud, Jovana Mahho, and Ghadir Seder

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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