Prehealth Underdogs Mentorship Project (PUMP)

UCLA PUMP (Prehealth Underdogs Mentorship Project) is dedicated to mentoring the “underdogs” of the prehealth world through high school and undergraduate education, specifically first-generation college students, foster youth, and dreamers. We provide scholarships to assist with college and medical school application fees, and high school mentorship on individual and seminar levels. We also connect current undergraduate students with successful alumni in graduate school or the professional field, and partner with other organizations in the Los Angeles area that support foster youth and dreamers. Our goal is to provide much-needed support and guidance to those who might not get it at home, and root for the underdog! Get PUMPed!

Signatories: Victoria Nguyen, Kristin Pischel, and Yong Qi Ye

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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