Our goal as BruinBuilders is to promote physical and mental health through educational discussions about exercise and well balanced nutrition. We will help our members construct safe and effective at-home and/or gym-based exercise routines and nutrition plans that cater to their lifestyle and fitness goals. More importantly, we want to create a platform that provides our Bruins with a support group and establishes a sense of community during these difficult times. Many of us have been on lock-down for over 6 months which has undoubtedly taken a toll on our mental well-being. The BruinBuilders club aims to reconnect members with their peers and create new friendships and social circles through a shared passion for fitness. We also want to educate the Bruin community about the unrealistic body expectations set forth by celebrities and social media companies. Many of the physiques we idolize are unnatural and the pictures we see are heavily edited to catch the viewer's attention. Often times people compare themselves to these doctored images and feel disappointed when they cannot attain what society deems as the "ideal" physique. We want to make sure that the Bruin community is aware of this in order to prevent the development of body image disorders and foster the creation and maintenance of healthy relationships with our body and self image. Ultimately, we want to create a positive environment that encourages our members to be the best version of themselves everyday regardless of the current circumstances and hardships we face.

Signatories: Armen Babaian, Ramneet Sandhu, and Mary Kouyumjian

Advisor: Maria Anna Salazar Capinpin

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