University Blood Initiative (UBI) at UCLA

UBI offers ways and means for local blood centers to supplement their recruitment efforts and enhance their internal processes to better engage with larger pools of potential donors. With the purpose of achieving a sustainable blood supply for the good of all, UBI’s mission is to establish a collaborative network of strong, local, and independent blood centers constantly at the cutting edge of society, systems, science, and social and public policy. UBI’s mission is therefore motivated by its desire to provide for, support, and give back to those in need of blood by providing solutions to the current issues plaguing the world’s blood systems. This charitable and social mission is informed by UBI’s vision to revolutionize the blood world. Together, we will end blood shortages to prevent more unnecessary deaths. The purpose of this UBI Chapter, therefore, is to empower the local community blood center, UCLA Blood and Platelet Center, and begin shifting blood donation back to the local, instead of the national, scale by partnering with UCLA Blood and Platelet Center.

Signatories: Mitchell Mologne, Nadia Islam, and Dean Begun

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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