Are you interested in food? Here at BITE, we use food as a medium to promote cultural exchange, community service, and mental health awareness. Pass the Plate is our cultural initiative that seeks to leverage food as a catalyst to promote cultural exchange within the diverse UCLA student body. Share your culture’s traditions through our monthly cultural themes and discover foreign tastes during our weekly cooking sessions. Show off your skills at our end-of-the-month cook-off and potluck. Cooking4Change is our social initiative that collaborates with other local service organizations, giving students a chance to give back to the community using their culinary skills. With a goal of combating food insecurity, members will have the opportunity to volunteer at local food banks and soup kitchens as well as curate low-budget recipes to be shared with the student body. Family Style is our mental health initiative that promotes healthy conversation regarding topics relating to philosophies of life, world news, racial awareness, and mental health care. Using food to ease tensions within in-person conversations, Family Style provides students with a safe space to share their troubles while meeting supportive peers. We hope to maintain an equally inviting virtual community during Covid-19. Active members can participate in any number of initiatives provided by BITE or simply come to our weekly meetings as an avid food lover.

Signatories: Phoebe Chan, Christopher Huang, and Christina Lei

Advisor: Ashley Pham

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