Hope for Dementia @ UCLA

In affiliation with the nonprofit organization Hope For Dementia USA, the UCLA chapter will be dedicated to promoting the prevention and treatment of dementia related disorders. The chapter will aim to facilitate HFD’s goals through community outreach at local facilities for those affected by dementia, to educate at-risk populations, and to promote preventative diagnostic measures offered by the techniques of Cognistat. As a computerized assessment program developed at Stanford University, Cognistat measures neurocognitive functions to identify patients that are at risk for developing any form of cognitive decline, including dementia. Hope for Dementia @ UCLA is open to all undergraduate students as an opportunity to reach out and educate the local community on prevention as well as on maintaining connections with those affected by dementia. Our goal is to get members involved in testing using the Cognistat program for early detection as well as in dementia-focused research with the aim of achieving SRP 99 and SRP 199 credit.


Signatories: Diba Nayeri, George Ghaly, and Michelle Chernyak

Advisor: Melissa L Veluz-Abraham

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