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Mindset is primarily devoted to researching the correlation between mental and physical health. Our aim is to destigmatize mental health and educate the greater UCLA community about the biological basis of both mental health disorders and developmental disorders. The first committee of the club is similar to a biomedical research club with members researching topics of their choosing related to the mental and physical health connection. Such topics could include anything from depression and the gut-brain axis to the differences in the brains of neurotypical individuals versus the brains of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Members of this committee will have multiple opportunities to present their findings in general meetings and have their summaries of scientific research articles published on our social media and website. Although this is a STEM research club, you don’t have to be a STEM major or researching articles in order to be involved. Anyone who is passionate about mental health awareness can join! The second committee of the club is involved in social media outreach. This committee will frequently post on our social media and website, create graphics to go along with the research article summaries, and more. Overall, Mindset aims to enable students to research mental health issues that they are passionate about, provide easy-to-read scientific research summaries in order to further educate the UCLA community about the body-mind connection, and destigmatize mental health.


Signatories: Samantha Antekeier, Megan Borda, and Rebecca Noy

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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