Every Nation Campus (ENC)

Every Nation Campus' mission and purpose is to connect students to God, to the Bible, to a local church, and to each other. We provide a safe place for students who have questions about God, and are seeking truth. We also help Christians grow in their faith, develop leadership skills, and become strong disciples through Bible studies, monthly forum events, and yearly student conferences. We host a number of different events for students. Whether it’s hangouts, meeting for lunches or dinners, small groups, or game nights, we help students connect with other students and to a local church. Our ENC small groups are generally 5-8 students meeting at different locations and times on campus. Expect times of reading the Bible, talking about life, answering and asking open questions, and praying for one another. Also, each year, a number of our campus students attend the Every Nation Campus Conference and volunteer to help the underprivileged in Los Angeles.


Signatories: Adeline Padilla, Raymond Valdez, and Chinasaokwu Eze

Advisor: Melissa L Veluz-Abraham

Upcoming Events

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